Who works with your sibling?

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Here are some of the types of people who may work with your autistic sibling: 

  1. Occupational therapist: Someone who helps your autistic sibling with activities they probably do every day – like dressing, undressing, brushing their teeth, washing, eating, or for older autistic siblings, cooking, house cleaning, and job skills.
  2. Physical therapist: Someone who helps your autistic sibling with physical activities involving muscles – sometimes called gross motor skills. This may include throwing, catching, balancing, bike riding, pumping a swing, kicking, bouncing, etc.
  3. Speech therapist
  4. Behavioral therapist
  5. Psychologist: Someone who can help figure out problems and solutions for your autistic sibling’s behavior.
  6. School psychologist: A psychologist that works in your school or your sibling’s school.
  7. Psychiatrist: A doctor who is an expert in human behavior. They can prescribe medications and recommend medical and other treatments for your autistic sibling.
  8. Family therapist: Someone who can counsel you and your family on issues you face.
  9. Tutors
  10. Doctors
  11. Therapist supervisors: The boss of the therapists.
  12. Special education teacher: The teacher that probably leads your autistic sibling’s class. Unlike your class, there are probably lots of other adults in their class.
  13. One-on-one aide
  14. Special advocate
  15. Nutritionist
  16. Neurologist: A doctor who specializes in the brain. They can prescribe medication and help you find other ways of helping your autistic sibling.
  17. Other – for example, Special needs ski instructor
Some siblings of autistic kids decide to pursue these careers themselves. After all, you have terrific training! You have lived with and helped an autistic kid, and maybe his friends and classmates, for years. You’ve watched others work with your autistic sibling and learned from them. You’ve had lots of chances to try different techniques with your autistic sibling and see which ones work and which don’t. Plus, you already know how much you care about helping kids like your sibling!