How your parents can help

My dad helps me a lot, in lots of ways

Here are some ways that your parents and others can help your autistic sibling (and you!): 

  1. Learn about autism. You can start with some of our links. This should not happen just once – this should be an ongoing dialogue.
  2. Talk to you about autism, and specifically about your sibling.
  3. Help you and your autistic sibling to have a better relationship. Your parents can plan activities to help you and your autistic sibling learn about each other, or just have fun together. These can include other people from your immediate family, extended family, or friends.
  4. Spend one-on-one time with you!
  5. Talk to your local regional center about services they can provide, and maybe pay for. These might include physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, communication devices, respite care (to take care of your autistic sibling so your parents can have a break), and much more.
  6. Talk to your school district about services they can provide. Request an Individualized Education Program (IEP) – where you and the district will discuss your autistic sibling’s problems and ways to overcome them. You can also discuss ways to get him the best education possible.
  7. Join a parent support group.
  8. Make friends with other parents of autistic kids.
  9. Hold family meetings sometimes. Everyone can talk about their feelings in a way where everyone else is listening and being supportive. The family should try to come up with solutions together.
  10. Find financial assistance. Click here for a great place to start.
  11. Make sure your home is safe. Click here for some great suggestions.
  12. Read the suggestions on the How you can help your sibling page.