Help for you

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Here are some ways that you can get help in dealing with your autistic sibling: 

1.      Read this website! Come back often.
4.      Ask Julia Anything!
6.      Share your story
7.      Share your advice
8.      Talk to your parents
9.      Talk to a psychologist or other therapist
10.    Spend some fun time with your autistic sibling
11.    Make sure to spend enough time AWAY from your autistic sibling
12.    Read our suggestions on how you can help your autistic sibling.
We want to help you deal with:
o       The embarrassment your autistic sibling causes you in front of your friends and the public
o       Learning about autism
o       Explaining autism, especially explaining your autistic sibling’s behavior to people who are confused by it
o       The time and attention your parents focus on your autistic sibling, instead of you
o       Learning about your autistic sibling, his/her therapy, behavior, problems, etc.
o       Your emotions about your autistic sibling
o       How to feel better about having an autistic sibling
o       How to have fun with your autistic sibling
o       How you can help your autistic sibling
o       Etc.

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