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At Home in the Land of Oz
Autism, My Sister, and Me
Anne Clinard Barnhill

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Check out this letter I got from the author!

Dear Julia,

I just found your website and I wanted to tell you what a great idea this is. I, too, have an autistic sibling, Becky, who is six years younger than I. I've just written a memoir about what it was like growing up (a long time ago before anyone had heard of autism) and how sad it was that my sister was misdiagnosed for many, many years. The book is called At Home in the Land of Oz: My Sister, Autism and Me and will be out at the end of May. It's published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers--they specialize in books about autism and Asperger's. I hope you'll list the book on your website and I also hope you'll read it. It's sad sometimes but writing it has helped me understand what a blessing Becky has been in my life. I guess it has taken me a long time to realize that -- I'm almost 55 years old!

I hope you continue your efforts to help other siblings who struggle with sometimes overpowering emotions. That's really why I wrote my book--to honor my sister, my parents and to help families talk about autism and their feelings about having a sibling who is 'different.'

Wishing you all wonderful things,
Anne Barnhill



Siblings of Children With Autism: A Guide For Families, by Sandra L. Harris, Ph.D.