As Autism Siblings is still here, here are our goals for our fourth year:

1. Help at least 5 siblings of autistic kids.

2. Have at least 1,000 people visit our website.

Siblings of autistic kids that we help will:

· Be better able to cope with their sibling’s special needs

· Have better self esteem

· Be more helpful to their autistic sibling

· Be more helpful to their parents

· Be better able to discuss autism and their sibling with others

· Have options for help when they need it

· Have relationships with other siblings of autistic kids

· Have access to sources of useful information

· Have a support network

· Realize that they are not alone in what they are going through

· Find the positive aspects of having an autistic sibling

· Be able to better cope with the attention that is taken away from them and focused on their autistic sibling

· Be better able to cope with the stress of having a special needs sibling