Cute quotes from Austin

Austin, you handsome devil!

Age 6:
When given a safety flash card that said, “What would you do if someone offered you a cigarette?”, Austin responded, “I would die!”

Age 7:
In a doctor’s office, Austin was looking at an x-ray of his torso. Our dad asked him what the picture was of. Austin said, “It’s a dinosaur pooping!” What’s more, our dad asked him to point to the poop, and he pointed to a blob in the middle of the x-ray. Later, the doctor was asked to point to Austin’s poop on the x-ray, and he pointed to the same thing!

Age 7:
Austin and I went to a concert by Fab Four, a fake Beatles band – they sounded better than the Beatles themselves probably would have sounded! While Austin was singing The Beatles’ All My Lovin’, he sang, “And I’ll send all my lovers to you.” Later he sang, “And I’ll send all my money to you.”

Age 7:
When looking at a flash card with bicycle horns, and asked what they are, Austin said, “honkers!”

Age 8:
Austin was saying goodbye to each of his therapists at a team meeting. When Austin came up to his new tutor, Santiago, he said “Goodbye, San Diego!” Then, when Austin came up to Sandy, the supervisor, my dad said, “What’s his name?” Austin said “San Diego!”

Age 9:
My dad said, “Where do you want to see bunnies?” Austin replied, “At the zucchini!”

Age 11:
Austin got a label that said "100% Free".  He ran around the house waving it, and saying, "I'm 100% cute!"

Age 12:
(In Philadelphia) My dad said, "Let's get in our rental car."  Austin said, "Yeah.  We rentled it at Budget!"

Age 12:
One of Austin's favorite bands is Weird Al Yankovic.  Austin especially loves his song "Fat" (a taake-off on Michael Jackson's "Bad").  Weird Al sings a line, "You know I'm huge."  But when Austin does it, he sings, "You know I'm cute!"  Also, he loves making up new versions of the song, like the one for our dad where instead of singing "I'm Fat" our dad sings "I'm Dad!".

For the last few years:
One of Austin’s favorite songs is by Shania Twain. My friends and I love to come up to Austin and say “Man…” and Austin sings, “I feel like a woman!” It’s so cute!

Age 12:

Austin's two favorite quotes are, "Use your napkin, not your sleeve." and "When you're right, you're right. When you're wrong, your wrong."

Age 13:

We took a trip to to England, and Austin constantly (for no reason) would say "Rightio!"

Age 14:

Austin enjoys firing people. When somebody does something he doesn't like, he shouts, "You're fired!!!"