About Us

Julia hugging Austin on a flight to Philadelphia

Autism Siblings is a charity designed to help the siblings of autistic kids (and adults too).

I’m Julia Pressel, and I’m thirteen years old. I started Autism Siblings because I’ve noticed that autistic kids get plenty of help from many different people. However, we, their brothers and sisters, never get any help – but we need lots of help!

Now there’s a place where siblings can go to get help – Autism Siblings!

From working with my autistic brother Austin (who's 15), and other autistic kids and their siblings (I work with a charity called The Friendship Circle.)  I’ve learned a lot about the needs of both autistic kids and their brothers and sisters. Through my website, I hope to share much of what I’ve learned with others so it can help them.

I also want to let the world know about autism and how to help. I want each sibling to know that they are not alone. Each sibling has lots of valuable information to share about things they have tried with their autistic brother or sister – things that work, and things that don’t work. Autism Siblings is a great way for all siblings to share their advice, and learn from others’ advice.

I’m sure that as Autism Siblings grows – and as I grow – I’ll learn even more about how to help the siblings of autistic kids. Because of that, this website will constantly grow too – so check back often to see lots of new ideas. We’ll also include lots of advice and stories from siblings of autistic kids all over the United States.

Thanks for visiting our website!

Julia R. Pressel
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