About Me (Julia) - part 2

Me dancing with my father. Look - I'm taller than him!

I want to be a mother (and an actress) when I grow up. I can’t wait to be an adult, but my parents tell me that when I grow up, I’ll look back and say, “I wish I were a kid again.”

I love to learn. My favorite subjects are reading, writing, theater arts and math. My favorite sports are weighted hoolahooping, tennis, dancing, and gymnastics. I’m trying to get more exercise, partly to lose a little weight. I love to do art. I enjoy making new friends. I’ve got a ton of friends, which means a ton of fun and problems. My dad says I make friends more easily than anyone he’s ever seen. He tells me he’s jealous of me – and wants to learn from me!

I am in eighth grade. I was born August 14, 1996. I live in Redondo Beach, California. I love living there. Most of the time I love my life – unless I’m really upset. I love my brother and my family very much. My favorite color changes every day. My favorite season is summer because I am out of school, at fun camps, and doing other fun things, and of course, my birthday is during the summer. But during the summers I often wish I was back in school. One summer my dad, brother and I did something fun and special every single weekend. For example, we went camping, boogie boarding, to an L.A. Dodgers game, the X Games, Orange County Fair, flight museum (my dad’s a private pilot), picnics, and to the largest air show in the country. My brother, dad, and I even volunteered for a charity – we helped clean up the beach with a charity called Heal The Bay. We also donate money to charities on the Internet sometimes, like for tsunami relief.

Sometimes I wish my brother wasn’t autistic and my parents weren’t divorced. There are times when I feel like my family is a ripped up piece of paper. Usually we are a loving family. My dad told me that when I was 4, I told him “Dad, I’m glad you and Mom are divorced.” When he asked me why, I answered, “I’d rather have two happy parents living apart than unhappy ones living together.” Plus, since my parents are divorced, I have two homes, two celebrations for every holiday and my birthday, get to do different fun things with each of my parents, and get more money from the tooth fairy. When I had one that is, I lost all my teeth.

I love to travel to different places. I have been on over 90 flights. I’ve been to 6 countries: USA, Canada, Italy, England, Germany and Mexico. I have traveled all over the USA, especially the east coast. A lot of my family lives there.

I am an actress. And i want to be one, as my profession. I'm in a REAL play every summer. Last summer I was the villianess. This summer, I once again have a lead. I love acting and I'm good at it. I was the actress of the year at drama camp last summer. It is my dream to study preforming arts in college at UCLA.

I am usually a happy, cheerful girl. But sometimes, I have to admit, I can be a sad, little brat. I’ve got a couple of problems, but I’ve also got answers. I’ve been working on my problems, and they’re getting better. Now it’s time for me to help other people with their problems. 

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